Yak Gear Kayak Angler Crate Kit

The Yak Gear Kayak Angler Crate Kit comes with everything you need for paddlesport fishing in one complete kit.
Milk crates provide interior storage area on the deck of kayak, canoe, or paddleboard. It is a simple solution to an ever-persistent problem in a sport plagued by lack of storage space. The Yak Gear Black Milk Crate come with the Yak Gear logo in standard 13" x 13" milk crate size fitting most kayak tankwells or decks. Having milk crates for sale also prevents kayak anglers from being forced to steal beverage distributors crates from stores or shell out major cash on a glorified milk crate storage system. The crates are honeycomb design to allow customization with all Yak Gear crate rigging accessories, including the Build A Crate Series of accessories. 
Basic Kit:
    • 2 x Leashes for paddles, fishing poles or accessories
    • Build a crate double rod holder kit
    • 3.3 pound grapnel anchor kit
    • Anchor cleat kit
    • Accessory storage pouch kit


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